Modular Typeface: Droplet
Spring 2023

A modular typeface is an alphabet constructed out of a limited number of shapes or modules that have been repeated and flipped and are usually geometric or simple in shape. The basis of Droplet was developed from scratch on grid paper and then transferred into digital tool Fontstruct to be further manipulated. The result was a simple pixel-like font that is round and open, teetering between legibility and experimental. 

To showcase Droplet a visual identity was made to accompany it along with laser cut letter stencils, packaging and a web scroll. The visual mood overall is a mix of melancholy and playfulness, consisting of shades of gray with a pop of yellow, inspired by how the shapes that make up Droplets letters resemble rain on a pane of glass.

Acrylic stencils
Unique packaging
Motion graphic

Droplet Web scroll