45 Symbols: Carbon Fingerprint
Fall 2022

The Phaistos Project is an online publication requesting research-driven observations, political, economic, ecological, and cultural, be transferred into a collection of forty-five unique symbols. Carbon Fingerprint consists of images of the most complex highway interchanges, stylized into fingerprints to represent the dichotomy of human development versus the disruption of the Earth's ecosystems.

45 symbol poster
Thematic poster

45 unique highway interchanges were researched and recorded through google satellite images along with their coordinates. The basis of the interchanges were then traced and stylized to look like fingerprints, resulting in a wide array of similar but unique designs.

A wider design system was developed to create an experimental poster and booklet based on the symbols. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and indesign were all utilized to generate the content, imagery and layout of this project.